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About Teenz Konnect

Teenz Konnekt is Mavuno’s Teen’s Church.

We exists to church the unchurched teens in Nairobi bringing them to the knowledge of Jesus Christ which then transforms them to become fearless influencers of society. Secondly, to show a teen how much fun they can have in church today despite the pressure the world puts on them.

The first Teenz Konnekt service was held on 5th April 2009 at the then pavilion. We had an attendance of 75 teens on our first Sunday. Our services currently have an average of 500 teens every Sunday.
Our mission is: “Turning ordinary teens into fearless influencers of society”


Crossroads is our services for eighth graders. It seeks to equip them with skills, knowledge and confidence as they transition into the turbulent teenage years. Their service are defined with, sensitivity, candor and openness as the teachers seeks to create an experience of vulnerability and teachability with the kids in this age.

It is one of the most foundational services in Mavuno church, as it is a transitory service for kids from childhood to teenage. They have service every Sunday at 9:00am

High School

Dance, loud music and hype…this is our High School Ministry, otherwise known as the Boom Twaff church. But there is more to this than mere noise and disruption. It is giving thanks to God with all the youthful vigor, fervor and energy, bring it down with a good sound system.

It is created to provide an environment where teens are free to express their devotion to God, their talents and  interactions with one another. The service caters to the needs of teens, as well as equip them for discipleship and outreach. We have services at 9:00 am and 12:00 pm.