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NDOA is a Swahili word for marriage.

It is a 10-week interactive and experiential marriage preparation and enrichment experience designed to tool you with the skills and knowledge it takes to build a strong, lasting marriage – the real happily ever after! The NDOA experience is divided into two streams in order to adequately address the concerns of those in various stages of the marriage conversation.

  • NDOA Equip – This stream is designed for couples considering entering into marriage, and seeks to help them anticipate marriage issues and prepare them to pro-actively address them.
  • NDOA Enrich – This stream is designed for couples, either married or living together, seeking to improve the quality of their union. It seeks to address the unique challenges of those already in this stage.

NDOA is designed to be an interactive and exciting experience, and the ten weeks includes:

  • 10 two-hour sessions of interactive group learning
  • 2 marriage themed movie nights
  • A stag (guys) and hen (ladies) party
  • 2 one-day couple’s retreats
  • NDOA course book per individual

The NDOA experience is a self-funding program, and as a result incurs various administrative and other related costs. The NDOA team works to make the investment in your marriage as affordable as possible, with each participant paying Ksh. 6,000/= for the course.